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well, schools starting back up

2008-08-22 00:12:25 by Jestercap13

well schools starting back up and i have to get ready, and when it starts back up on the the 4th of september, ill have even less time to work on stuff,so im going to busy for a while, so im holding off on the animation for a bit. i know ive been on, off, on, off with my work but eh thats how every thing goes on in my life, i work in short spurts of energy, if im working on something and i run out of steam, i tend to get lazy, thats why my grades dont tend to agree with me lol. but yeah sorry to those who were waiting, hope no feels were hurt and no faces were punched, lol. cya around.

well, schools starting back up


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2008-08-30 17:06:38

Oh... Yeah, school works going to get in the way for me to so i had better finish the animations soon, lol. Spent too much time practising i think. Practise was put to good use, and, if your getting busy all the time mabe now would be a good time to do collabs? Less to do in those!