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wow very charming

lol, its like a children's book but one i would read lol. this was very well done, ive never seen anything quite like it on newgrounds. nice work.

AdamCook responds:

Hahaha, always pleased to interest people in new things. Thank you for your nice review!

hey i thought i was ok

this is your first submission, yes? lol reminds me of the good old days when me and my friends from sixth grade would get together and make claymations at home, never submitted anything. but we had fun none the less, and thats what counts, you liked make in yours right, and you like your animation, yes? so yeah, dont worry about scores and points and that junk, just keep practicing and you'll get better. i would also suggest getting some of your friends to join in with you, so you can have more variety to your voice overs. good luck to you in the future.

Theblueshyguy responds:

thanks want to be friend and do you have some ideas

good, but kinda creepy and slow

i liked it, it had a unique feel to it, the characters were kinda creepy and it was pretty uneventful, but it was good none the less. dont really get it all that much but i thought the animation and graphics of it were pretty darn good so yeah 8/10

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truthfully this made me cry, ive been having some tough times, i had to save my friend from suicide last night, and today the girl i love with all my heart, the one i thought loved me as well, broke my heart and left me...and i fell so alone, your music is truly beautiful, im a big fan, this is helping me, just like the beautiful notes of this song, i have to take life one step at a time, and let things come and go as they may, and let life be, and life will be lived....i have to go and let it be, let her go, let every thing do as it needs.

do you mind if at some point, i may animate one of my poems to this song? if you want i can pm you the poem, it would fit perfectly, even though the poem is short, its about the beauty of the piano and music, its called "ivory beneath".

thank you for your beautiful music, please continue to share your greatness with the world.

-Dustin Curry

quite good

i have no talent as a voice actor so ill definitely need help in the future. you have a rather wide range of characters you can do so that's always good, lol. if i can ever get my animated series out of my brain and into my computer i may need your help some time, so yeah ill let you know. it will have a wide cast, maybe not at first but if I'm able to make it enjoyable enough here on N.G. it will definitely need voice actors and actresses so, i think you could be one of them sometime. so, ill leave it at that and again nice voices, lol.

snowfender responds:

thank you! and all right, if you ever need me just leave me a message. =) thanks!


like the others have said, go pro, this is amazing, i love your music, and i hope you continue to put such awesome things on this site.

Kingbastard responds:

thanks very much:)

open your eyes, learn the truth of the world, live with it, live by it, and get use to it, because it isnt going a way. -----------Jestercap for contacting me try jestercap13 on myspace or jestercap.animations @gmail.com

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