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2008-09-05 19:03:17 by Jestercap13

ok well if you watch my newest animation, dont vote very high, it was just practice and ugh i dont think i should have posted it. i used images of anime to help me and im guess thats a no in animation, so sorry newgrounds. if you dont want to blam it if you feel like it. and please dont give it front page or any awards. i feel bad about it. my next animation will be more original next time. sorry NG


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2008-09-06 04:11:28

well done! 10th of the day this got! ;)

even tho i personally think anime is kinda gay, but i really liked it! :)

Jestercap13 responds:

um thanks, some animes i think are to but i really like the art style. but yeah thanks


2008-09-06 10:02:28

I already commented on the Flash itself, but I wanted to tell you not to get too discouraged by the feedback you're getting. You've admitted the flaws in it, and you've said it was a practice. My best suggestion would be, besides doing lots more practice, doing a bit of study. In particular, practice some more original character designs and study how real people move - the second one is a really important part of making believable animation.

I also mentioned the script issues, and I think that's something that a lot of Flash artists have a problem with, because they are first and foremost visual artists and so writing isn't always a strong point. It can help to get a friend to read the script - or even better, listen to you reading it out - to tell you where sentences sound forced, or where you're repeating yourself, or where something sounds out of character.

I'm sure you realise this, but just to make it clear - while most of what I've said here and in the Flash review is very critical, that's because I *liked* the Flash, and want to see you make something in the same vein, only better. I'd even like to see you remake this one in maybe a years' time, to see how much you improve. Learn from your mistakes, and grow from your experience.

Jestercap13 responds:

thank you, this is very good advise my friend, even right now thats the kinda stuff im working on, i am going to be practiceing in flash for a while be for i post my next flash. and i thought the script was corny to, but as you said were more visual artist, i am a writer but not words i do poetry as you can see in my other flashes but yeah thank you.