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new possible series

2008-09-06 23:18:43 by Jestercap13

i think im going to start working on a series called, Shattered Moon, it will be kinda like the old twilight zones, just more around my stuff though. it will have more to do with the grim reaper, demons, angels and ghosts. that kinda stuff but yeah, we'll see what happens. :]


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2008-09-06 23:25:44

So,Instead of saying "Lets take a look into the twilight zone" they will be saying "Lets take a look into the shattered moon" ??

Jestercap13 responds:

no not really i dont think there will be a narrorator thing, but just kinda puts the camera into some ones life. you kinda figure things out jsut by watching and listening and all that. but i would be more like. "Welcome to the world of the Shattered Moon" something like that, lol.


2008-09-21 05:57:24

Dusty,you and me both know,that this series,is gonna be awesome...Ya know,
If you're lucky,some producer guy named Bob might find your series,and it'll end up being aired on like,NBC,next to bones and heroes.well,it would take like a year for that to happen,what with actors,and stuff...but it could happen.Maybe you could be one of the actors? lolz...later dusty,er,I mean,later marshmellow.

Jestercap13 responds:

lol, thanx i guess....yeah