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2009-03-19 00:17:40 by Jestercap13

yup, i just put up a new header/banner thing on my page. this is a bunch of different drawings of mine ive done over the past couple of months in flash, all from the same basic thing. ive been practicing for a series of my own, and these are just a couple of the many things ive been drawing for it. right now im working on an actual episode, taking forever though, so dont expect much any time soon. ive been slowed down alot with school work and my sick grandmother.

but for the basic gist of things the series is a post-apocalyptic, and its in an anime style. it will really be my first action animation and its going to be alot different than my old animations, my old ones kinda embarrass me, poems arent really that cool, i mean i like to write and stuff but i just dont feel comfortable showing them off, not to proud of them, most of them i made because they are easier than conventional animation and then some are just kinda dorky. so really i just want to have something i can show to my friends and N.G. that fits more into the atmosphere and style, but yet doesnt lose my touch of darkness and poetical twists and over all the jestercap kinda feel, lol, not that ive ever been good enough to have my own feel or anything, just my individuality.

ive been planing this one for along time, i have so much work to do. if you would like to learn more about what i hope to create(like the basic story line, characters, the music ill be using and other things) just let me know(P.M. probably) and ill be happy to go in a little more depth. and to the few of you who like my animations or just the couple that actually stopped to read this, maybe sometime in the next few months ill have something descent to put up here on N.G. that is if i dont totally screw this over or get grounded or something that could intervene, but yeah blah blah blah, lol. thanx for reading and stuff cya.


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2009-03-24 10:22:27

wow:) cool page header.
looking forwards to the series:)
i'm sure it will be a great sucess

Jestercap13 responds:

lol, thanx and im sure with time your stuff can be a success to :]