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happy easter and other things

2009-04-12 13:56:17 by Jestercap13

happy easter. just wanted to say that, and for those of you who are awaiting "shattered" well its going to be a bit longer, after watching "EFN" episode 1 and 2 i realized, my animation needs to be alot better, so im starting over again, and this time, im going to start it off with more action and make it so it'll keep the views attention longer, id hate for some one to just get bored at the beginning. so yeah, i have all of spring break to work on it, so i should be able to make up for the lost time. so yeah, ill keep you posted.

pic* this is rykov, one of the characters in my animation, but this is from the one that i just canceled, he was standing on a cliff and the wind blew his hair and coat around and then his eyes open and you see a burning city in their reflections, he'll look the same in the new, but he will probably show up later in the series, now off to work for me. lol.

happy easter and other things


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2009-04-13 11:42:30

wow cool:)
happy easter! :)
that looks so awsome, by the way what program did you use to coulor the caracters?
right now i'm trying to coulor a drawing i scanned into my computer with paint (wich is taking hours:S)

Jestercap13 responds:

thanx, i do every thing in flash, all the coloring, all the movement, all the effects and all the drawings, lol. yeah, lol, i hate drawing and coloring in paint lol, ever since i got flash i hate using anything else lol.


2009-04-20 21:22:14

this is so hard :'(

Jestercap13 responds:

lol, well, dont hurt your self thinking over it. maybe if you can really work your father over you could find away to get both things lol, or at least get one first then get the other another time down the road, lol. yeah dont know if you'll get back to this, so ill pm it, lol.


2009-04-20 22:01:22

For the love of the english language, NEVR speak AGAIN .

Jestercap13 responds:

lol, ok then......right, moving on.