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just letting you know how my animations going

2009-04-27 18:42:33 by Jestercap13

Shattered is going great, each frame has alot of detail and work put into it. but it'll still be a while till its finished. so yeah. and heres a pic, not the best pic to show, because theres no background and stuff but yeah, thats for effect, this is the main character and hes just been stabbed in the shoulder by one of the monsters in the animations, yeah, so wish me luck to its completion, and to those of you who are looking forward to this i thank you, and to those of you who wish to no more about it, just pm or email me or what ever and ill try and get back to you, thanx.

*oh and yeah, sorry his eyes look kinda funny, in the animation it looks alright, but right here for some reason, his eyes look like there going of in different directions lol. also his right eye is blue and his left is purple, so yeah.

just letting you know how my animations going


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2009-04-27 18:59:22

Interesting style. Any idea when it should be done?

Jestercap13 responds:

thanx, and sadly no, im not sure when i will be done, id like to be done now lol, but it probably wont be till next month or the month after, it really matters how my life is going, the less stuff i have to worry about at school, the more time i have to work. once it becomes summer ill have alot of free time, so if this goes into a series as i hope it will be, thats when it should boom into production. until then, it'll be a pretty slow production. but thanx for your comment.


2009-04-27 19:09:19

Looks Like He Needs A Band aid

Jestercap13 responds:

lol, yeah ha ha


2009-04-30 11:21:15

wow awsome:)
good luck

Jestercap13 responds:

thank you,lol


2009-04-30 22:12:21

that looks really cool actually! and his eyes make him look extremely pained, which works out because i'm pretty sure it'd hurt a lot to be stabbed by that... thing =P

Jestercap13 responds:

thanx lol, yeah im sure it would, ha ha ^_^