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my new animation is yeah its going

2009-05-23 18:13:04 by Jestercap13

ha ha, well ive been working on this for a long time, but i have continually scrapped and restarted it many times, so this is the first time its made it this far and its looking pretty promising and i hope that since schools about to end ill have more time to work on it. so look for shattered episode 1 sometime in the next few months.

right now its about 3 minutes out of the hopeful 10, how ever v_v

ha ha, well i know i haven't submitted anything in nearly a year, but this is going to be my greatest creation, i spent most of my time planing and getting things ready to make this, and now its finally on its way to completion, its not moving very fast but it is getting done.

every frame is highly graphically intense, so it'll be a challenge to complete, but this i fell will be my best animation. so i cant get much done because of the amount of work required, plus i have school that slows me down, and with the free time i do have i often(and happily) choose to waste that free time with my wonderful love of my life, Kathryn ha ha. so alot of work to do and not alot of time. but ill get it done at some point >.<

but yeah, this'll be a series at some point, and if you would like to learn more about it, pm me or read some of my previous posts.

so yeah, i think ill leave it at that, and heres a screen shot for you lol, this is the character Naomi in my series, this is part of a scene were she injures her arm in a fight. but yeah

so basically, working on my animation in the time i have, maybe be done at some point in the summer, need more info on the series or the characters or what ever, pm me or read my old posts, cya around NG

my new animation is yeah its going


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