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well im finally ungrounded

Posted by Jestercap13 - July 20th, 2009

well im free, and ive resantly started a new animation(started friday night)

and well so far its going good, may finally have something to show on NG again, its only be like, what, a year and a half since i last posted something. lol i find that sad. i need to start working again. so yeah....

um heres a snap shot of one scene......yeah i'll leave more info and news and stuff at another time. yeah.....hmn.....i guess thats it for now.

well im finally ungrounded

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it looks pretty alright =), hope youve got a couple more drawing in that symbol to help give the animation more life =) goodluck

Ps dw bout simon hes jsts copying and pasting the same message on all the blogs so you'd visit his page lol jst delete it hehe =)

yeah thanx, and lol yeah i got rid of whats his faces message, i hate assholes who do that. and yeah, i know what you mean, this snap right here is in the middle of movement, her head kinda tilts to the side, and she has a confused look and as she does so her hair slightly moves, its all rather animated. lol, im not to great at movement yet, ive always been someone who likes to draw, even in flash. so basically, i grew into flash, not on the animation, but rather the art. so lately ive been practicing with movement and getting used to it. so this will be my best yet, not that anything i did before was good lol. but yeah. lol thanx for the luck, i might just need it haha

looking good that drawing:)
good luck

Nearly forgot...When I was watching Ergo Proxy...I noticed something familiar about the girl...Riel? I dunno how to spell her name...but she looks very similar to Melody... lol...keep up the good work anyways bro...

yeah ha ha, glad you noticed, yeah, i really love that show, so as you probably remember when i was watching witchblade that time, i practiced drawing on paper in their style then fused it with my falsh style. lol did the same thing here. i love their style of nose, its so simple but effective, and then, i dont know, the darkly outlined eyes add alot to her face, so you know ha ha. talk to you later then i guess

Hey. You still alive?