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im finished

2008-01-15 10:17:41 by Jestercap13

im finished with my with my flash look for it its called why do you cry

new animation

2008-01-13 15:15:19 by Jestercap13

hey its jestercap and im making my next animation i finally found some music to go with it even though its a little fast but what ever

the animation is about a little mushroom that comes to life and finds that his forest home is being destroyed for its wood and what not so we will see how this turns out in a bit ( 4-6 more days and it should be done)

need new subject

2008-01-08 10:07:04 by Jestercap13

ive been trying to find a subject for my next flash but nothing comes up
right now im looking 4 a good tune to work with so if you can help try and find something that would mach my style ( check my animations) i like classical music like MaestroRage and what not

well in the meen time i be looking 4 stuff on my own i let you know if i find something and if you find something tell me here please or pm me or something cya later and thanx


2008-01-05 01:01:50 by Jestercap13

its my b-day and just wanted to say happy birthday to any one whos birthday is today also yes jan 4

no woods

2008-01-02 11:41:12 by Jestercap13

4 thoughs of you that know i was working on a second lost woods well i changed my mind in the middle, but ill have other animations so dont worry ( 4 thoughs of you that do)

c ya

my next flic

2007-12-21 00:02:28 by Jestercap13

hey its jestercap and im working on my next movie ( my first one, the lost woods, was good but not good enough and if you haven't seen it yet then go see it lol) the lost woods episode 2 killgel

in the movie pit ( the main character hes a little forest creature) goes about on his usual run, when he bumps into my new character shade (down below) and after wards gose off and runs into a slimp the slamander creatures in the first one so he tries to through a rock at it then he realizes he has wandered into killgel teritory (killGel are living acidic blobs that can melt anything) and has to fight his way out........

so do you think this sounds good the animation will be finnished in a few weeks so you know

oh and just so you know im a big adam phillips fan and i dont want people to think im copying him i just take great inspiration

and thanx for reading or watching my stuff

my next flic

im new

2007-12-14 18:35:58 by Jestercap13

hi im new to new grounds and just wanted to say hi, so my animations i plan to make a series out of the lost woods and i might animate so of my poems so look for em.

im new