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new poem

2008-06-23 01:17:09 by Jestercap13

sorry its been awhile, busy with the end of school and what not, so yeah im working on a new aniamtion.
its called "the Burning Skies"
its a poem about lightning
here is a pic lol

new poem

ahhh crappy computer!

2008-06-03 18:30:24 by Jestercap13

arg i was working on a new animation and then my crappy old computer, lost some memory and my animation went with it T_T I REALLY NEED A NEW COMPUTER(and a new mouse) oh, well.

still working on it

2008-05-24 00:59:38 by Jestercap13

hey well i am working on an animation and just thought i would drop a pic so yeah

* Black hair= David Green(played by me)
* Red hair= Ryan Smith(played by my friend Justin Hipp)

still working on it

hm voice actors?

2008-05-22 22:59:57 by Jestercap13

hey well im making a new animated series(hopefuly) and i need voice actors, the movie is about a high school freshman named David Green( played by me) and his friend Ryan Smith( played by my friend Justin Hipp) who are sent to another world, a place were creatures, demons, spirits, monsters, aliens, and people from all over the universe are made to fight one another and they get all involved in trying to survive and getting back home.

i need voices for some characters i can most likely get some of my school friends to play some of them but my biggest concern is viriaty and female characters so here is some voices i need

Oock: a strange alien who has an odd tempermant and a dominating personality he weres a gas mask thing and his voice should be muffled( i most likely can play this one my self but what ever) age unknown
LINE OF SPEECH: look human im only your friend off the field of battle

Support: an human who as a young child was in a terrible accident, now the only thing keeping him alive is a mechinized suit, he has a darker view of life but is most of the time a positive person( also i feel he should have an african american or hispanic voice over) 18 years old( he might not show up in the first episode)
LINE OF SPEECH:....there was an accident, a long time ago...

Jorga: an odd alien, he has a british accent, he is sophisticated and smart, and he has an anilitical and realilistic view of life. he is the person who caries out the selections, near 20 years old
LINE OF SPEECH: alright, so David and Ryan your new here, lets see how long you can last

Janga: Jorga's twin sister, she is the oppisite of Jorga, she is aggressive and dominates any relationship making her hard to get along with, very tomboyish and loves to see humans injured, she is near 20 years old
LINE OF SPEECH: usually im required to say, proceed with caution, but your human so who give a crap.

Alora: she is a beautiful but meek alien girl, who is a very powerful psychic, and has an odd effection toward humans, she is shy but she can stand up for herself and is skilled in the way of the sword,eventually David and Alora fall in love. she is around 15-16 in human years( she might not show up in the first episode)
LINE OF SPEECH: it is not a problem, hmn, your a human,huh.

well there alot of others but i dont need any of them at the moment, so if you can do voice overs or know some one who would be interested, or have questions or comments, pm me or email me at

well cya for know

hm its been awhile

2008-05-11 01:49:06 by Jestercap13

hey srry its been a while ive been preoccupied with testing and stuff at school and i just cant seem to get down and just finish my next animation lol, so when i get around to it ill finish and post it so dont worry( if you do lol) oh and ive been checking out this new game spore, looks cool, a little childish, but i think it is very nice, very createive and should be a good hit. you should check it out, its a game that lets you create an intier galaxy :) cya later

hm its been awhile

yeah, i know my last post said i was thinking about making a new header for my page but i think it can wait, ive just finnished writing my next poem, its a chain of haiku, and i think im going to start animating it, being a haiku its going to be a very short poem/ animation but hey i havent thought of any thing all that good yet so i think ill do a bunch of little animations and thing here and there till i can come up with a really good one, so ill make my page header after this, cya till i finnish

(oh the Haiku chain is about ravens, and how every one kinda think there ominous and evil, i dont but it seem like some people do so i thought i would exploit this)

hmm i think my header can wait

do you think i need a new header, because i do, ive had this one ever since my "the rose of the rain" came out (few months) so i think i should refresh my page, only problem though is i dont know what i should do, i think i might do one of these

1. a better remake of this one
2. some thing with my little skull jester logo guy thing on it,lol
3. or i could have like two eyes and you can see down into them and there will be like all the crap thats in my mind, lol

thats all i got right now so, tell me what you think or if you have another idea you think i should do, feel free to tell me, so cya later then

he he its out

2008-04-07 20:02:27 by Jestercap13

ok i did it its finished and you can go see it vote fair and please give luck

if you dont know its call For Every Drop


new animation soon

2008-04-05 22:37:19 by Jestercap13

hey im almost finished with my next film: its another poem animation

the poem was one i wrote for my first girl friend, never did get it to her though we broke up a few days after words :{

so yeah its about well, really it didnt have much to do with her and I but it was a nice poem and i thought she would like it, oh well the past is the past

heres a pic from the animation i based the girl on my past girl friend and some character from naruto ( yeah, what ever) but yeah its in black in white and in color it mixess off and on some times color some time black and white and some times white and black( reverse) im trying new styles and forms of flash as my friend Geco-Deco12 suggested.........

well cya till the animation is complete

new animation soon

hey, i got a fancy new logo

2008-04-02 19:36:52 by Jestercap13

hey well still no new animations but i do have this i think it should be my new logo, yup, dont forget to leave a comment on what you think of it or you could tell me what logo i should make or give advise or some

oh and if your thinking why do i make emoish poems and animations and yet i have a jester(joker or what ever you want to call it) for my logo well.........irony............sorta, lol anyways cya later(hopefully with a new animation some time).

hey, i got a fancy new logo