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Wish it would rain

2008-10-31 23:13:27 by Jestercap13

i really want it to rain, it hasnt rained down here in southern california for months, its october and its still 90 out, i hate california, no weather always heat and sun, not my type of place, eh 5 years and ill be old enough to move some were colder, i hope that maybe it will be cold and rainy by jan. 4th its birth day and ill be 16 lol. it rained for like 10 minutes this morning then it just quit for the rest of the day >:{

whats your favorite type of weather?

Wish it would rain

not much to say

2008-09-29 22:09:22 by Jestercap13

not to much going on on my side, but i think ill try starting another animation, not really sure, might just practice some more you know, what ever.

any ways my friends and i ahve been hanging out after school on fridays now, because an old friend of ours has come back, i havent seen her since 8th grade, but yeah weve jsut been hanging out at Mc'donalds and stuff lol.....yeah

not much to say

well, im not going to be animating for a bit, im in high school and it takes up alot of my free time, and all that. so dont expect much from me for a while. plus im hangout with friends and stuff after school to, so i get about an hour a day on the computer, and im also trying to get girl friend, lol (hey i can try right lol), so thats going to take up time to. oh well.


hmn, school, it takes up to much time.

new possible series

2008-09-06 23:18:43 by Jestercap13

i think im going to start working on a series called, Shattered Moon, it will be kinda like the old twilight zones, just more around my stuff though. it will have more to do with the grim reaper, demons, angels and ghosts. that kinda stuff but yeah, we'll see what happens. :]


2008-09-05 19:03:17 by Jestercap13

ok well if you watch my newest animation, dont vote very high, it was just practice and ugh i dont think i should have posted it. i used images of anime to help me and im guess thats a no in animation, so sorry newgrounds. if you dont want to blam it if you feel like it. and please dont give it front page or any awards. i feel bad about it. my next animation will be more original next time. sorry NG

Hurray new aniamtion

2008-09-05 10:10:22 by Jestercap13

yes i jsut finished a new animation. hope every one likes it, its called Dont leave. well enjoy guys and gals i have to go to school, when i get back i would really like to see it not blammed lol.

well schools starting back up and i have to get ready, and when it starts back up on the the 4th of september, ill have even less time to work on stuff,so im going to busy for a while, so im holding off on the animation for a bit. i know ive been on, off, on, off with my work but eh thats how every thing goes on in my life, i work in short spurts of energy, if im working on something and i run out of steam, i tend to get lazy, thats why my grades dont tend to agree with me lol. but yeah sorry to those who were waiting, hope no feels were hurt and no faces were punched, lol. cya around.

well, schools starting back up

im back

2008-08-07 15:56:55 by Jestercap13

well to the few of you who knew i was gone, im back from my vaction, and ill be geting back to working on my animations. so expect some of my work headed your way in a few weeks or so lol.

cya for a bit

2008-07-16 01:46:50 by Jestercap13

well ill be in new york for a few weeks visiting family, so i wont be on newgrounds for a while, any of you out there waiting for my next animation will have to wait a little while. so yeah cya guys and gals out there, have fun on newgrounds and ill try'n have fun at my uncles house lol cya in a few weeks.

well its out

2008-06-25 18:04:45 by Jestercap13

its out my next animation, check it out its call "the Burning skies"

i think there is some thing wrong with the ending though oh well