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Posted by Jestercap13 - February 21st, 2009

well as the title says ive been having alot of delays on my next project(for more info read last post) and well i didnt like how it was going, so im not abandoning the story or anything but i am starting over on it, so it'll be a bit longer till anything happens :{
i might just do a trailer/teaser type thing first, that way i can get a little practice in with out having to mess up the real animation. so for me i have some thinking to do, i have to come up with a good intro for the series and stuff and get the teaser together, so its time for me to crack down and get working and thinking.


Posted by Jestercap13 - January 31st, 2009

hello there. well as the title says, i have a new project. and well do expect anything soon, im just now starting, i just finished the loading screen(the pic at the bottom)

so heres the story, i guess in a basic form

the story takes place thousands of years in the future, the world is now post-apocalyptic and every thing has kinda regressed, there is powerful technology but is mainly reserved for the nobles and the imperial leaders, leaving most of the worlds population in poverty. the world is ran by an empire that calls them self shadow, ran by a masked man named zero, they bring suffering across the planet. the world is no longer filled with only humans, now many strange alien species, demons and angels live amongst humans, and all are treated as nothing more than meat. none are safe from shadows cold grip, innocent people are slaughtered and experimented on for shadows twisted plots of evil. a small resistance group called Rogue Wind, is the only thing stopping them from complete world domination. shadow secretly, is trying to unleash a being known as omega into the world, a being even more evil than Satan himself, no one knows what shadow could gain from this, but they do every thing in there power to bring it into this world. the story follows the life of a man named, Gabriel Kage, a man who has lived a dark and bloody life, who's heart froze over long ago, he travels the planet, running from shadow, he has a bounty on his head and is wanted by shadow for reason unknown to him, and he kills all who stand in his way. he's human, but not a normal one, he lost his memory and all he knows is that he's different, with the power to control peoples minds, telekinesis, and other various powers. he travels the land with his only companion, his sword. a strange demonic spirit lives within his blade, and he is the only one who can here its voice. he hates the shadow empire and because of this his fate leads him to meet with Rogue Wind. were he joins them and fights against the darkness that covers the planet. slowly making his first real friends, learning what being a real human being is like and his dark heart finally thawing out.

something like that, I could go into more detail, but I don't want to give away plots and twists so yeah, lol. i plan for this to be a series, but thats if i can get this done, and still get people to like it, lol. with all the great things that have been submitted to this site resonantly, im not sure ill be able to match them, but ill do my best and hope its enjoyable. this is going to be alot different from my other submissions, most of my old work being poetry and stuff, this is going to be a real animation, with story, action and all that kinda stuff, so its a new step for me, hopefully in a better direction. not that im going to abandon my style, thats staying, but i mean, i probably wont do any more poetry for a while,this is not exactually the best place to put that kinda stuff. but yeah, lol off to work for me, im really hoping i can do this, and ill leave pics and updates when ever i get the chance, cya. :]

*edit, also i noticed that the pic is a little blurry, dont worry its not really like that, i think its just when i converted it to a jpg, that happened lol

New Project....at some point

Posted by Jestercap13 - January 21st, 2009

yeah...i have some due tomorrow, lol just now starting. i love not doing work, but i also hate having to deal with the project at the end of the procrastination, lol. right now as i type im working on my English project in the background of my computer, on my desk in my left hand is my history project and im listening to music, lol. also i can see the t.v. from were my computer is lol. yeah for multitasking lol. well when i finally finish my homework, i might be able to finally start working on something in flash.

any one else a procrastinator here lol, im sure alot of us are, i should really be ask who isnt one lol.

Posted by Jestercap13 - January 20th, 2009

well as the title says i have a new animation, well sort of, i want to start, but i don't really know where, its 8:22 right now, so i have about two hours until i have to sleep, darn school lol, but yeah. hmn, has any one ever had this problem, you have so many ideas, and they all work you have a great story, but i makes it hard to start lol. i hate that, oh well i have some ideas, ill try working or at least starting on it tonight, maybe just get a good loading screen going.

the story, is about a nomadic loner, he lives in a distant and dark future, ruled by a dark empire, imagine a starwars type of world, but just on one planet and alot darker. but any ways, the shadow empire as it is called has a bounty on his head for unknown reasons, he ends up meeting with a small band of rebellious resistance fighters, and he gets caught up in a war between shadow(think the empire) and rogue wind(think the rebels) something like that, it probably doesnt sound all that exciting but i want to keep it as vague as possible, until i get a solid plot and i dont want to give away any thing i could use as a twist in the future, but i hope that at some point i can turn this into a series.

these are my ideas for the intro

i could have a star wars prologue intro, with big scrolling text.....no forget that one, thats boring

um..ok there one where the main character wanders into a camp at night in the desert, hes covered by a robe and gets attacked by bounty hunters, leading him into meeting the people that the story will continue around

or maybe i should start of with a flash back type thing, like a nightmare, and have the character wake up, or something lol, i dunno doesnt sound that exciting typing it here lol. but i have the whole story in my head lol, i have alot of ideas for scenes, and lots of different intro ideas, oh well, its a mystery/horror/action/anime-ish thing lol, what ever.

so yeah, by the way i changed my profile pic(not that very many people have come to my posts or anything) but yeah i found a cool pic on the internet, a little tiny gif of a jester, so i made something similar and larger, lol. but yeah

*pic* must think harder, intro ideas not working* lol cya

hm..new aniamtion..dont know how to start

Posted by Jestercap13 - January 11th, 2009

yeah well, i just bought the game "Mass effect" for my pc, turns out my processor is a 2.5 gb when i needed 3.0 gb, Damn, i really wanted to play it but it was so damn laggy that i just gave up, and took it back to the store. my friends say it was a really great game, and it looked pretty awesome to me but, i misread the minimum requirements lol, i feel like an idiot lol. oh well, ill just have to get some other game some time, *sigh* and to top it off i have to go back to school tomorrow lol, i didnt do anything Friday, just hung out and watched tv and messed around in flash on Saturday, and tryed getting mass effect working today lol, a weekend wasted, oh well ill try and get something done next week, ever wasted a week and you didnt mean to? i really dont like that lol.

hmn...mass effect

Posted by Jestercap13 - January 5th, 2009

lol, well today was my first day back from winter vacation, and you'd think that maybe that since we've been gone for two weeks they would get you back into swing of things nice an slow, tell that to my english teacher. all my other teachers were cool today, but not him no mr. paul has to be my first period class, slam a test in my face on a book i should have read over the break(lol i didnt but i mean come on who gives homework for winter break) and now we have project due in a few days and i have all this stuff i need to read and write T_T i can tell as a child he was a nerdy loner and now hes taking out his past hatred on us lol oh well, but yeah because i have some much crap to do i have to work on that instead of the animation i planed to start this week, so ill try next week, sorry to those who knew about it, it'll be another week before i have a decent amount of time to work on it. *sigh* oh well, part of my new years resolution was to get my grades up so, i have to focus on my future not just the entertainment of others and myself lol, well have a good day(or night)

*Pic *Grrrrrrrr*

damn you school!

Posted by Jestercap13 - January 4th, 2009

yup its my birth day, jan.4th and to all my other January born brethren, i say happy birthday to you to lol. but yeah so in my last post i talked about an animation that i might start on, well im going to start it lol, ive been messing around with different styles of characters and different ways to animate but i think ive found one so, it'll be a while but ill have a new animation up soon. the basic story for this anime-ish (hopefully) series is, in the very distant the planet earth is a changed place, its now a post-apocalyptic world full of strange monsters, a world where humans, demons, angels and many other different beings live side by side, and all of it is controlled by a masked tyrant. the story follows the life of a young man who lost his memory, and has been wandering the land for many years, he woke up different, he wasnt human any more, he had strange powers, and he could control this strange energy that rushed through him like his own blood, with a strange talking sword that only he could hear, he wandered the land trying to discover his past, and trying to conquer his need to kill. the story follows this man as he ends up getting caught up i a war between a small rebellious group called the Rouge Wind and the tyrannous Shadow Empire, who have a plot to awake a being more evil and more powerful than Satan himself.

still messing around with the story but i dont want to go into to much detail yet, i dont want to ruin the story.

*pic Okami ever played that game, its pretty good other than animating and stuff ive also been playing this lol

its my birthday! lol and heres a little update on the upcoming animation

Posted by Jestercap13 - January 1st, 2009

well its a new year and every one (mostly everyone) has a new years resolution(whether they keep it or not lol) and mine for this year is to start animating again, right now im stuck with the trial version of flash my original one was lost when my old computer died, so i have 27 days to at least start my new series. ill fill every one in on it later, right now i have work to do, and i wish every one a better year than the last.

(oh and this is a practice pic of the main character of my series, Gabriel Kage, hes wearing a hooded cloak and there isn't a background to the pic yet but im still messing around with the look of things first lol)

well, happy new year everyone

Posted by Jestercap13 - December 26th, 2008

sorry its been so long, no new animations or anything, sorry about that, my computer got a virus, one hell of a bug, basically destroyed my computer and most of my stuff, but for Christmas i got a brand new one ^_^ woo! it will still probably be a while before i post anything new sadly, lost flash and my stuff, i was only able to save a few things, nothing really worth submitting or anything, but just some files i might be able to use later.

when ever i do get flash or something ill start right back up on it, before my computer died i was practicing like crazy, so i've gotten better but ill still want to practice enough till I'm really good, but i was working on a possible anime-ish series, in real life ive also been doing drawings of it like crazy and been doing some crazy thinking over the story and plot twists and characters and that sort of stuff so all together everything combined, when i do get flash, it will be awesome lol *sigh* well hope ill get something up some time soon

Posted by Jestercap13 - November 4th, 2008

rains my favorite weather, and its finally raining this morning, woo lol rain always seems to have the oposite effect on me and i dont know why im just happy when it rains lol, i think im going to have a good day even though i have projects do at school that i didnt do lol, thats my classic 10th grade lazieness

wooo its raining